Our Purpose

At ECHO we believe in giving every family a pathway to succeed. That’s why we’ve designed a digital interface that brings together information on neighborhoods, public transportation, and housing unit availability to make the housing search process as easy as possible for low-income families looking to find housing in the neighborhood that’s right for them.

Our Work

We’ve designed phase one of the website and are currently piloting it with shelters across the state. In the next phase, we’ll be moving to mobile, adding in a number of helpful features that will enable families to learn more about potential neighborhoods and search through a variety of housing search websites, and rolling out the tool more widely.

Explore ECHO

Browse through screenshots from the website below to explore ECHO and its features.

Our Team and Partnerships

Get in touch

We are seeking foundation support, academic partners and housing search providers to work with us to transform families' search for housing. Contact us at team@echosearch.org today.